The Meat

Romano determined that the meat had to be ground fresh daily. The meat best retained its flavor when cut and ground in one's own restaurant to ensure the highest standards and quality. Most restaurants brought their meat already ground from a supply house, so there was no guarantee that it was ground fresh every morning before delivery. Often, the meat had been ground two days prior, and its flavor just wasn't "the best". Romano believed in serving 100% pure ground beef, without any additives!

It was determined that a butcher shop had to be built within the restaurant so that Romano could control the grinding process. Great Idea! However, out of this idea grew a new problem. "If I grind the meat fresh every morning, how will my guests know it is really fresh?" No other restaurant had a butcher shop and yet they were saying their meat was fresh (which it was according to their standard). "I want my guests to see that the meat is fresh and that we cut and grind the meat daily to insure the quality". As a result, the butcher shops were placed right to the front of the restaurants so that every guest could see the meat being prepared. This was no cheap talk; all of our guests could see the meat, the equipment used to grind the meat, and the process used to ensure the finest quality and flavor. The cliché "seeing is believing" proved to work in this case.

Originally when the first restaurant opened, all meat was cut and ground fresh every morning and pattied by hand. Only 1/2-pound hamburgers were sold. As sales started to take off, Romano's father made a wooden patty press so that each patty could be pressed by hand into a consistent size. To stress efficiency, the equipment made two patties at a time. As the sales continued to increase, another wooden hand-patty machine was made. The sales grew even higher and the mechanical machine, which we use today, was introduced. The objective of grinding meat fresh daily has not changed, nor should it ever, if you want to produce the "World's Greatest Hamburger".